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Our goal at Reed Property Management is to protect your investment, minimize your costs, and maximize your income—without interrupting your daily life. We want you to be satisfied with the service we provide, and will keep you informed every step of the way.

You will know when your property is rented, when rent is collected, when a tenant is being evicted, and when major repairs or maintenance is needed, all online with round-the-clock access to information about your property.

Lease Only

Place perfectly matched and qualified tenants into your home.

The Lease Only Option includes:

  • Tenant Screening

    You wouldn’t let just anyone live in your home – and we won’t either! Each applicant undergoes an extensive background check. We review their past rental history and credit score, verify their current employment, and conduct a criminal background check.

    With all of this in mind, we select the most qualified applicant to move forward with leasing signing. Since we usually have several applicants to choose from, our professional screening process ensures that we find the perfect match.

  • Lease Preparation and Execution

    Using our professionally prepared lease, our expert Leasing Team walks your new tenant through the Lease Signing process and ensures the agreement is properly executed. You can rest easy knowing you have a mutually agreed upon Lease that protects your best interests and is up to date with the latest legal requirements.

  • Marketing and Advertising

    We know how important it is to showcase your home in its best light, right away, to the largest audience possible.

    Once a launch date is set, we move quickly to take awesome marketing photos and videos of your home so that prospective tenants see it pop up in their rental search and get excited about setting up a tour.

    We spend thousands every month to ensure your home is rented faster than anyone else in the industry!

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Full Service Management

Trust us to expertly manage your home to maximize the return on both your time and money.

Full Service Management Option includes everything listed under the Leasing Only Option as well as:

  • Timely Rent Collection
    You expect your rent on time – in full – every month and that’s exactly what we strive to deliver. Free direct deposit to your bank account and detailed owner statements make receiving your money simple and fast
  • Property Inspections

    Maintaining the integrity of your home starts with exceptional documentation. We photograph and video your home inside and out to ensure that all parties involved (Homeowner, Property Management and Tenant) understand the exact condition of the home at move in.

    The process is repeated at move out to ensure the property is returned in the same condition. These detailed inspections offer complete transparency for all parties. Additional Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Inspections are also available.

  • Maintenance Coordination
    Includes preventative, emergency 24-7 coverage and routine maintenance.
  • Comprehensive Accounting
    By choosing to allow Reed Property Management to collect and record your monthly rental payments, we are able to deliver to you detailed monthly owner statements outlining any and all expenses. We also prepare end of year owner statements and 1099 forms for easy tax preparation. With access to your owner portal 24/7 you always know the status of your account.
  • Financial Reporting
    Our unique Property Management software allows for Reed Property Management to create custom financial reports to showcase all of the information that you need to know. Whether you have one home or a large portfolio of homes, we can show you any data you want to see, in real time.
  • Tenant Support
    Your tenants will need assistance along the way. We’re here to help with any questions that they have while living in your home. From the 2am maintenance requests, to renewing their Lease Agreement, we serve as a transparent party to bridge the gap between Owners and Tenants creating a fair and honest relationship for everyone.
  • Evictions/Collections & Legal Guidance

    Life happens and sometimes tenants don’t pay rent. When this happens, we work quickly, hand in hand with our attorney, to start the eviction process. With over 40 years of experience in the industry we know the red flags when we see them and we can act to take the proper actions to ensure you don’t miss any time in this critical stage.

    After eviction, and once a final judgement is rendered, we can start the collections process right away. Our detailed information collected in the applications process helps to give our attorney the best chance of seeing revenue from the collections process and getting you the money you are owed.

  • Court Appearances
    Whether you’re local to your rental home or not, we have experienced staff members who can join our attorney to make any court appearances required on your behalf. We come prepared with substantial documentation, photographs and videos to showcase your claim and ensure that your interests are best represented.
  • Detailed Records of Correspondence
    We believe in transparency, honesty and integrity. These elements are at the backbone of who we are. In order to ensure transparency, records are kept of all of the communication that happens in our office. You will know that you’re working with a team that is dedicated to being fair, open and trustworthy in all that we do.
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Add On Services

Our optional Add On Services include:

  • Maintenance Coordination & Bill Pay Service
    You expect your rent on time – in full – every month and that’s exactly what we strive to deliver. Free direct deposit to your bank account and detailed owner statements make receiving your money simple and fast
  • Eviction Protection Plan
    You haven’t been paid rent and now you have to pay court costs and legal fees associated with evicting your tenant. It’s every owner’s worst case scenario. If you have to face evicting a tenant – it can get costly. By participating in the Eviction Protection Plan Reed Property Management will cover legal fees and court costs in connection with the eviction process.
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